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    With social economy developed and market intensified, dispatching in the retail business has received more and more attention. However, currently, dispatching still faces a lot of challenges like high delivery cost, high storage cost, incomplete channels and etc.. Because of these, it is crucial to build up more advanced and scientific dispatching system.

    Since our founding in 2002, Augur has targeted this opportunity. By combining advanced technology of GPS/GIS and GSM with geospatial information, network branches planning and management and smart dispatching, Augur has developed various solutions and products in smart dispatching and retail. With our first generation smart dispatching and retail system, Augur provided network management and branches dispatch solution for Mars China, China Mobile, China Tobacco and received high recognition and reputation among our customers.

    Recently, as the industry has further progressed, Augur has developed various new solutions including urban-rural synchronized dispatch platform and Augur agriculture products tracking system for safety monitoring and further stimulus of agriculture activities.

    At Augur, we classify our dispatching and retail customers into two categories:

    (1)Focus on branch location selection, optimization and competition analysis (e.g. banks, fast food chains, convenience stores and supermarkets).

    (2)Focus on branch management and dispatching route optimization (e.g. FMCG and delivery)

    In addition, to tackle the challenges like no proper dispatch and delivery system in place, insufficient consumer end dispatching centers, improper fleet vehicles management, Augur further developed and fine tuned our dispatching and retail solution.


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