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    Informatization is a key trend in global development. It is a key strategy to solve the problems in urbanization and land utilization. In order to pro-actively tackle the new challenges in planning and management of land resources, governments across countries are pushing informatization on both planning, land resource utilization and industry management.

    Augur smart land solution can combine different land resource information on top of 3S technology, MIS, OA and original database. The solution could provide “one map” covering the core database, e-government platform and general monitoring platform. With this “one-map”, it would enable each government body to grasp the full cycle land information of “approve, supply, use, refurbish and survey” and information of mining resource, development as well as monitoring of geological hazards timely, accurately and fully.

    With these features, Augur smart land solution could realize market monitoring on land and mining rights, command control, early warning and real-time monitoring over land resources, general monitoring, scientific anti-corruption and online patrolling.

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