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    Augur Smart Land ALand

    One data center and three platforms

    “One map” core data center with e-government platform

    general monitoring and management platform, shared service platform

    24/7 access for patrolling team. Case dealing openly and timely.

    4+N application systems including professional applications like land utilization, land ownership management, real estate registration and land resource management

    Augur e-Government information cloud AgCloud

    Expand beyond geospatial information structure, construct e-government information database and cloud platform, provide information service and mobile application solution for e-government of smart cities.

    One database,One platform,Two networks

    One database,aka e-government information platform (including e-government data, IoT information collection points data, database management system and supporting)

    One platform,aka e-government cloud platform (including e-government information service, IoT points service, cloud computing system and service center)

    Two networks(mobile internet and IoT)

    Augur smart dispatch series products - ARetail

    Multi-dimensional dispatching sensing network

    -Smart dispatching comprehensive monitoring and management platform (including three core elements: branch location selection and planning, branch management and smart dispatching)

    Facilitate management and judgement with full process modeling on branch planning, route optimization and dispatch operation

    4+N application systems including professional applications like agriculture products tracking, supermarkets dispatching, tobacco dispatching and resource recycle system

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